Hazewinkel double gold

Qualifying heat

Longridge paddler Georgia Carmichael had three days of racing in Belgium and came away with two gold medals. The first medal was for the short course race which covers 3.6km with two 100 metre portages. On the first lap Georgia averted catastrophe with a fast recovery from a portage capsize. Coach Tom Daniels commented that Georgia's unpanicked recovery ensured she did't loose too much ground.




The final saw Georgia paddle the course nearly a minute faster and racing tactically. A short video of the race is at the bottom of this page.
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Short Course Final

Video shows the final of the short course race.

20k in 30c

The Belgian heatwave continued with a brief lull in the morning that threatened thunder and lightning. The threat receded and the racing began. The long course on the third day involved racing 20km and was made more arduous with the 30c temperature. The time shows that the pace was high throughout the race.
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James Smythe, Team Manager, Georgia and coach Tom Daniels

Ollie Harding

Lifelong paddler and junior coach at Longridge Canoe Club

Maidenhead, UK http://www.yipee.eu/

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