If you’ve been following any of the Paralympics, particularly the Paracanoe, then you can’t have missed Jeanette Chippington’s result.  Jeanette has been all over the media all day –  internet, radio, TV.  And rightly so, winning Gold in the Women’s KL1 class.

In Lane 5 Jeanette led from the start and held the position for most of the 200 metres, setting-up for a nail-biting finish. From the TV screen it was hard to call whether the German paddler, Edina Muller, had just snatched a win in the last few strokes.  By the reactions on the line perhaps Edina thought she’d won, whereas Jeanette held a conservative composure until she saw the news on the screens. The emotion and belief was then later clearly evident as Jeanette was waiting for the medal ceremony.  In the interviews afterwards Jeanette admitted it was only when she had seen the screen did she realise the Gold was hers.

15![Great Britain](https://i0.wp.com/results.paralympics.channel4.com/imgml/flags/s/GBR.png "Great Britain")58.760
24![Germany](https://i0.wp.com/results.paralympics.channel4.com/imgml/flags/s/GER.png "Germany")58.874
33![Poland](https://i2.wp.com/results.paralympics.channel4.com/imgml/flags/s/POL.png "Poland")1:00.232

Longridge Canoe club is of course immensely proud, but the prize for excitement must go to Jeanette’s family, who were in Rio and were caught on National TV as the cameras panned round and zoomed-in for all to see.  Stuart, Ria and Ben, who all paddle at Longridge as well, jumping for joy was a lovely scene.