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The high kneeling canoe is one of the hardest disciplines to master. As well as needing to be athletic you need the balance of dancer or gymnast.

IOC Approves 3 Women's Canoe Events for Tokyo 2020

International Canoe Federation Press Release: "The International Canoe Federation is committed to gender equity at the next Olympics, and has introduced three new women’s events for Tokyo. In sprint canoe, women’s C1 200 and C2 500 will be added to the program, while men’s K2 200 and C1 200 will be removed. In slalom, women’s C1 will be introduced for the first time in Tokyo, while men’s C2 will no longer be on the program. “We understand this is a difficult decision for those athletes who have had their events changed,” ICF President Jose Perurena said. “But as a sport we need to show leadership. Gender equality is extremely important in all levels of society, and canoeing is determined to be a leader in this field.”