After a long spell with no floods, that changed on the 27th December when the flow more than doubled during daylight hours. Unforturnately one of the Longridge Canoe Club catamaran hulls was caught on a ledge and filled with water. Using the club pull up bar volunteers were able to hoist the errant hull and pump the hull dry.
The graph below shows the River Thames level downstream of Marlow Lock
The rapid change shown in the graph on the 27th corelates with the flow at Maidenhead of 54.9 cubic metres a second in the morning and 121.6 in the evening. On Friday the flow increased to 136.5 cubic metres a second and the graph shows how the level had dropped at Marlow.
River Thames flooding information
There are a wealth of resources to check on River Levels.
The Environment Agency site shows current conditions from Iffley Lock to Teddington.
Maidenhead Rowing Club shows the flow at Maidenhead Bridge at 0655 each morning.
Gauge Map has a wealth of information on river levels around the country.
Local information is useful and the professionals on the River have an informal early warning system of flooding.