A bitingly cold easterly wind made the race this year tough. A flow of just over 50 cubic metres a second together with a head wind ensured no fast times. The race results can be found here.

Some very good results from our paddlers. Well done all.

3rd Benjamin Fenwick 02:58:08
1st Charlie Smith (Lbz) Magnus Gregory 02:06:38
5th James Escott (Boa), Connor Peters 02:15:29
21st James Wragg, Nicholas Hollis 03:33:28
1st Jenny Withers, Alex Lane 02:22:02
2nd Georgia Carmichael, Stephanie Hutchinson 02:41:28
2nd Madeleine Pearce, Mark Pearce 02:44:56

Thanks to Reading Canoe Club for organising the race and Longridge Canoe Club for providing tea and cakes.

A few minutes after the start.

Women's assessment race live stream