Bookings are currently only for Longridge Canoe Club Members, and subject to availability.  Paddlers are required to have read the Club COVID-19 guidance document - "Getting Back on the Water" , and have valid British Canoeing Membership in addition to 2020/21 Club Membership.

Select the timeslot that you wish to arrive and then from the tickets available select the number of paddlers you are booking for. Only choose the number you need, you'll need to name each & every paddler.  Each time slot has a 45 minute 'window' to minimise numbers at & around the site.  In accordance with Government and British Coaneing Guidance for COVID-19 restrictions each Paddling Group is limited Six Members.    If some tickets have already been taken and you have more paddlers than the reamining tickets available then you will need to choose a different time - nobody should be joining any session if they are not included on the form.

Same booking but for those that prefer a calendar view