Join or Renew membership of Longridge Canoe Club for 2020-21 here


The amounts payable and the membership & guest classes available for this year (and other important information/costs) are set-out below. You should find this useful to read before completing the form.

  • The Club's Year runs from 1st May.

  • We ask for renewals to take place during April, before the new club year starts.

  • You may pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Cheques payable to 'Longridge Canoe Club' - Please give cheques to the Club Treasurer or Club Secretary.

For Payment by BACS (bank transfer) the reference for membership payments should be

"fees-" followed by up to the first 5 letters of your surname e.g. For 'Paul Hollywood' use "fees-holly"

Longridge Canoe Club
Sort code 403105
Account number 61875159


Membership Fees 2020-21

All are Annual Fees from 1st May to 30th April

  • £120 : Full Individual / Standard

  • £200 : Family [see note 1]

  • £ 95 : Adult in Full-Time Education

  • £ 70 : Junior [see note 2]

  • £ 60 : Registered Guest - Out of Port
    (Paddler who races for another club wishing to paddle or train at LON, must hold BC membership in own name)

  • £10 : Registered Guest - Off water activities within Longridge CC (such as circuits or running BUT non-paddling)

  • £ 0 : Registered Guest - Volunteer & Social within Longridge CC (non-paddling and no activities)

Non BC members Please Note:

  • Plus £2.50 Associate Fee for each person who is not already British Canoeing (BC/BCU) member - will become "BC Associate Member".


Note 1 : A "Family Membership" is for up to two adults and must include one or more of their children who are juniors [see note 2], and living at the same address.

Note 2 : *A "Junior" is under 18 on 1st January of the membership renewal year. For membership renewal in 2020 juniors will have a date-of-birth with the year 2001 or younger.

Please Also Refer to information about additional/optional Boat Usage Fees, Boat Storage Fees and additional Coaching Fees

Club Boat Use and Private Boat Storage


Club Boat and Private Boat Storage Availability -

-  Current status


= Club Boats Available

Use of Club K1s from 1st May to 30th April
  • £30 per person

(please read any up-dates for current availability or waiting lists)


Private Boat Storage from 1st May to 30th April

  • £30 for a boat under covered racks

(please read any up-dates for current availability or waiting lists)

The Boat Storage facility available is limited and so is subject to availability at the time of joining or renewing membership and must be paid for.  Allocations of spaces are prioritised - Officers' discretion is used in allocations otherwise these will be in order of renewals received, with 1 space per member.
(If spaces remain then these may be released for 2nd boats at the announcement of the Committee).

Do not add any boats to either the members' side or club side of the boat racks until you have been given a named space 


Before Completing a Membership Application Form Please ensure that you meet one of the following criteria

> You were a member in the year immediately before this renewal

> You attended our introduction or taster course and were given the Membership Application Form password

> You have spoken with the Club Officials and have been provided with the Membership Application Form password

Please don’t forget to read the Code of Conduct included in the Club's Safety Framework Document and Constitution.

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