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Before Completing a Membership Application Form Please ensure that you meet one of the following criteria

> You were a member in the year immediately before this renewal

> You attended our introduction or taster course and were given the Membership Application Form password

> You have spoken with the Club Officials and have been provided with the Membership Application Form password

Please don’t forget to read the Code of Conduct included in the Club's Safety Framework Document and Constitution.


2023/24 Now Open

Join or Renew membership of Longridge Canoe Club for 2023-24

Click Here

to complete the membership application form you will need a password

this has been shared with Current members with renewal Notices

or as provided to you at the end of your Introduction/Taster Course

(if you are unsure please use the email links to send us a message)

The amounts payable for membership this year (and other important information/costs) are set-out below.

Membership Fees 2023-24

All are Annual Fees from 1st May to 30th April

  • £120 : Adult / Standard

  • £ 70 : Junior [see note 1]


You should find the information on this page useful to read before completing the form.

  • The Club's Year runs from 1st May.

  • We ask for renewals to take place during April, before the new club year starts.

  • You may pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Cheques payable to 'Longridge Canoe Club' - Please give cheques to the Club Treasurer.

For Payment by BACS (bank transfer) the reference for membership payments should be

"fees-" followed by up to the first 5 letters of your surname e.g. For 'Paul Hollywood' use "fees-holly"

Longridge Canoe Club
Sort code 403105
Account number 61875159

Please Do NOT pay Membership Fees by PayPal as the costs incurred by the club reduce our operating funds.

> If you do pay via Paypal then you will be asked to reimburse the Club for the PayPal costs incurred (about 2.5%)


Note 1 : A "Junior" is under 18 on 1st January of the membership renewal year. For membership renewal in 2022 juniors will have a date-of-birth with the year 2004 or younger.

Note 2 : Please be aware that other classes of membership (out-of-port/guest/family etc) are not available this year.

Please Also Refer to information about additional/optional Boat Usage Fees, Boat Storage Fees and additional Coaching Fees

Other Costs (optional or personal circumstances depending)

from 1st May to 30th April

Non British Canoeing Members
  • £2.50 Associate Member Fee

Use of Club K1s
  • £30 per person


Private Boat Storage

  • £30 for a boat under covered/gated racks

Car Parking Permits 

  • £35 per permit (costs are passed from PCM (Parking Management Company)

Coaching Sessions/Awards/Course

  • Costs as advertised separately through Kingfisher Academy

Club Boat and Private Boat Storage Availability - Current status

= Covered/gated racks LIMITED SPACE

= Club Boats AVAILABLE

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