Please complete the membership form via the link below the code of conduct.

Please don’t forget to read the code of conduct that you are agreeing to.

Join and Renew membership with Longridge Canoe Club for 2017-18 here

The amounts payable and the membership classes available for this year (and other important information/costs) are set-out below. You should find this useful to read before completing the form.

The Club's Year runs from 1st May.

You may pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Cheques payable to 'Longridge Canoe Club'

Cheques to Sophie Mitchell or Jon Fenwick.

Payment by BACS (on line transfer) Please use your name as reference for bank transfers.

Longridge Canoe Club
Sort code 403105
Account number 61875159

Membership Fees 2017-18

All are Annual Fees from 1st May to 30th April

  • £110 : Full Individual / Standard

  • £180 : Family [see note 1]

  • £ 85 : Adult in Full-Time Education

  • £ 60 : Junior [see note 2]

  • £ 60 : Out of Port

  • £1250: Corporate Membership (please speak to a member of the committee.)

  • Plus £2 Capitation Fee for each person who is not a British Canoeing (BC/BCU) member.

Note 1 : A "Family Membership" is for up to two adults and must include one or more of their children who are juniors [see note 2], and living at the same address.

Note 2 : A "Junior" is principally "under 18". For the purpose of membership they will be deemed an adult (no longer junior) when their 19th birthday is in the same calendar year as the membership renewal.
i.e. When their 19th birthday falls on or after January 1st, the membership renewal in the May of that year will need to be as an adult (for membership due 1st May 2017 that is those born in 1998.

Boat Storage 2017-18

All Rack Fees are from 1st May to 30th April
(please read up-date below)

  • £25 for 1 boat under covered racks
  • £50 for 2 boats under covered racks
  • £10 for 1 boat on outside/uncovered racks

The Boat Storage facility available is limited and so is subject to availability at the time of reserving and must be paid for. The committee may at their discretion limited/cap the number of rack spaces allocated to any individual.
We are in the process of improving the covered racking.

Up-date on boat storage July 2017 - covered rack spaces are over-subscribed for 2017/18. Where possible we have accommodated the additional boats - any more requests will go on a reserve list. We are looking at ways of adding additional spaces.

==__ please do not add any boats to either the members' side or club side of the boat racks unless you have been given a named space__ ==