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Core, Stretching & Circuits - Making the most of it.

Let's be honest - on the water is where we really want to be. But with dark nights, current river levels and Covid-19 restrictions, paddling sessions are rather limited! So as we can't be out there on the river then Longridge Canoe Club has been putting together a pretty amazing programme of Core, Stretching and Circuits over the last few months.

Thanks to our amazing team of coaches, aspirant coaches and volunteers, we've got at least 4 sessions to choose from this week, and every week, with more to come.... There should be something to suit every member.... and if there's not, then let's set it up.

This week's open programme available to all members is :

Monday : Core & Stretching for all;

Tuesday : Junior Circuits (tailored for juniors, but open to all);

Wednesday : Circuits;

Friday : Core & Stretching for all.

Plus other specific training plans and discussion groups taking place all week.

Keep an eye-out for the Club messages, posts & information for all the details.

All sessions are adapted for virtual groups taking place on Zoom. You'll need a device with access to 'Zoom' (with camera), but otherwise not much more than comfortable clothes and a small area at home (about the area of a yoga mat is enough!).

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Kevin Hipkins
Kevin Hipkins
26 janv. 2021

These are great sessions and sure to help you keep fit and ready to hit the water once the weather and restrictions allow.


I’ve been joining in with the stretches twice a week. They are excellent and maintaining my back mobility and increasing my flexibility. Thanks Sophie! 😃

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