lockdown diaries #2394587340975

This year has felt long. I'm not alone in feeling the underlying dread at the prospect of it continuing into 2021, but as this year has progressed I've become increasingly grateful for our ability to escape it all and jump on the water.

I've been training in a small group known as 'the mallards', and over the duration of November we've been heading over to the Jubilee for our sessions. It's not an easy wakeup call - some of our start times are before 8am and the drive takes at least half an hour - but after every single one we all leave with massive smiles and feelings of success. I actually believe that despite the struggles we are all getting fitter, faster and more technically capable.

I know that the cold weather will give an extra level of challenge to these early starts (it always does), but I'm really looking forward to what the next few months bring!