Thank you to everyone that atttended our 2018 Hasler. We hope you had a great race.

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The 2018 Race will be held Saturday 25th August 2018. Downloadable PDF of race details here and below.

Longridge Canoe Club 2018 Hasler Marathon

Date: Saturday 25th August 2018 – Check in from 8:30 am. Please note that this is not a misprint – the race is on Saturday not Sunday.

Venue: Longridge Activity Centre, Quarry Wood Road, Marlow, SL7 1RE.
(Sorry NO DOGS are allowed anywhere on the Longridge site with the exception of guide dogs. More details on How to Find Us are on the following page.)

There is a £3 charge to park with the proceeds going to the charity that owns the site. Thanks for helping to support the Adventure Learning Charity.

Courses: 1st Session
Division 7, 8, 9 K1/K2 – approx. 4.5 miles (6.5 km) – 0 portages Lightnings – approx. 3 km – 0 portages

2nd Session
Division 1, 2, 3 K1 – approx. 12.5 miles (20 km) – 3 portages
Division 2, 3 K2 – approx. 12.5 miles (20 km) – 3 portages
Division 4, 5, 6 K1/K2 – approx. 8 miles (12.8 km) – 2 portages Hody K2 – approx. 3 km – 0 portages.

Timings: 1st Session
8:30 Check-in Opens
9:45 Check-in Closes
10:00 Briefing
10:30 Start, including Lightnings

2nd Session
11:45 Check-in Closes
12:00 Second Session Briefing 12:30 Second Session Start 13:30 Hody K2 Race Start

Results and prize giving as soon as possible after racing ends.

Fees: £6 juniors, £10 seniors, £5 late entry fee. Lightnings and Hody £3.00.
Please note that competitors will not be permitted to start if payment has not been received by the close of their race check-in.

Entries: Club entries by Team Leader using HRM (preferred) or email to Longridge Canoe Club, Deadline for pre-race registration is Thursday, 23 August at 18:00.

For all entries, please include paddler’s Full Name, BC number + expiry date, singles ranking, category (where applicable) and Club.

We look forward to seeing you there and to a great race.

How to find us:
From M4 (junction 8/9) or M40 (junction 4) take A404(M), ignore slip roads then at the first roundabout, leave A404 taking Marlow Road into Bisham village (signposted weak bridge). Follow through Bisham and round two 90 degree bends. Approximately ½ mile take the first right turn, into Quarry Wood Road, sign posted Longridge (just before The Compleat Angler Hotel and Marlow Bridge).

Proceed along Quarry Wood Road, passing under the concrete road bridge, within 200m of the bridge take the 2nd entrance into the Longridge Activity Centre (we will be using the overflow car park - please do not try to use the main car park (1st entrance).

Race Programme:
Any published programme and race information is subject to amendment, including on the day, at the discretion of the race organisers and if necessary following risk assessment of weather or river conditions and numbers of entries. The Race will take place on the River Thames, starting & finishing in the vicinity of Longridge Activity Centre.

Payment of Race Fees:
Cheques payable to Longridge Canoe Club. Bank transfers are preferred. Account details are as follows; Sort code 40-31-05, Account No. 61875159.

Light refreshments provided for competitors after their race. Other food and refreshments will be available for purchase during the event.

Other useful information:
If traveling to/from the race through Marlow Town only Vehicles under three tonnes maximum gross weight (MGW) and less than 6ft 6ins wide are permitted over Marlow Bridge. Police regularly patrol the bridge and its approach and will issue fines/penalties. We have been advised that the following vehicles exceed the weight restrictions and should travel via the A404 and not use Marlow Bridge: Range Rovers, Discoveries, Ford Transit vans, Mercedes Sprinter vans, Volvo XC90s, 4WD pick-ups, Mercedes GLE/GLS/G Classes and Audi Q7s.

Please park as tightly as possible and as directed by the race organisers, this way we should have sufficient parking on site. If ground conditions or less efficient parking reduces the parking capacity the race organisers or Longridge Activity Centre may ask you to find alternative car parking. Please take careful notice of on-street parking restrictions as wardens are very active in the area.

Race Check-in and race control can be found on the upper floor of the main facilities building (wooden chalet- style block).

Toilets, Showers & Changing facilities will be found on the 1st floor of this building. These facilities are shared with the public and other users of the activity centre. If you are using these facilities please clean up after yourself as they are kindly provided by the site owner. Do not leave any valuables unattended at any time.

Viewing of the finish line and racing is from the Longridge site. There is no riverside access/path to follow or view other sections of the course from Longridge. You can only get to the portage via the riverside path, on the opposite bank to Longridge. Access to the riverside path can be found from Gossmore playing fields, Gossmore Lane, SL7 1UA. We recommend allowing at least 10 minutes to get to this location by car.
Please note: launching kayaks is very difficult from here and there are no toilet facilities. This is for viewing some parts of the course only – other parts may still be inaccessible.

Race Rules: Competitors Please Note the Following
The race will be run in accordance with Part F of the 2018 Canoe Sprint & Marathon Racing Handbook. All competitors are expected to be familiar with BC rules and in particular of Hasler races.

At check-in proof of a valid BC membership for all competitors must be provided. Failure to provide evidence of membership may mean the competitor being excluded from the race or other sanctions being applied as set-out in the Handbook.
Where special categories apply these must be declared at the time of entry.
Paddlers ranked in division 1, 2 or 3 must race the longest course.
Prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the race organisers, normally for highest placed competitors (1st to 3rd) in each race provided sufficient number of entries in the race.

Hasler points will be awarded in accordance with BC rules.
Vertical number-boards will be provided for each boat entered. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that boards are clearly displayed in an upright position on their boat throughout the race. The race organisers recommend use of number-board holders and boards being securely held in place by pin or tape. The race organisers cannot be held responsible for any competitors not receiving a finish time or place result where a board was not clearly visible. Any boat on the start line, passing checkpoints or finishing line without a number visible may be deemed as not partaking in the race. The race organisers reserve the right to charge for lost number boards at £5.00/per board.

Other craft may be encountered on the river. The race organisers will expect all competitors to comply with the Rules applicable when using the River Thames. All competitors are reminded of the "river right" rule.
Buoyancy Aids are Compulsory for all paddlers ranked in divisions 7, 8 and 9 (and Lightning/Hody classes) irrespective of the division being raced on the day (i.e. to be worn if 'racing up').

Team leaders and/or parents should decide if paddlers under 16 years of age in divisions 1 to 6 should wear a buoyancy aid.

Notwithstanding the above, the race organisers recommend that all paddlers have a buoyancy aid available on the day of the race: in the event of extreme weather or river conditions paddlers of any division may be required or decide to wear a buoyancy aid.
All boats used in the race must be sufficiently buoyant to remain afloat and to support the crew in rough water in the event of capsize. Boats are not deemed to be sufficiently buoyant purely as a result of its construction (e.g. vac bagged/ sandwich or other construction), therefore additional buoyancy will be required in the form of appropriate foam, air bags and/or sealed bulkheads.

All paddlers are required to render assistance to other competitors in distress – this includes checking that a paddler in the water is able to cope with the situation well enough to get out of the water.

Portage in/outs may be over pontoon; natural river bank; wood, concrete or metal artificial river bank edges; and/or beach. Portage traverse may be along uneven surfaces including grass, sand/mud/soil, stone/gravel, and/or concrete. Sharpe materials may be encountered at any point on the river bed or at portages : suitable footwear is strongly recommended.

It is recommend that all competitors and Team Leaders read all information signs/boards on the day and attend the race briefing(s). It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure they are aware of all information that has been provided by the race organisers.

It is the responsibility of Team Leaders and/or the individual to consider and check whether competitors are properly equipped for the race: taking into account the paddler’s fitness, ability, the course and the prevailing conditions. Any medical condition(s) that may affect a competitor's ability to race safely must be declared to the race organisers at check-in.

Longridge Canoe Club and its nominated officials cannot be held responsible for any loss of life, injury or damage to equipment however caused.
Canoeing and kayaking is an 'assumed risk’ ‘Water-contact sport', that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risk, and be responsible for their own action and involvement. All paddlers will need to declare on the day that they are capable of racing on the course.

Use of Race Entry data falls into “reasonable use”, and by entering the race a paddler is giving consent for the data submitted to be used by Longridge Canoe Club (LCC) for the calculation and publication of results and rankings. LCC will not be seeking further consent for using the data in the prescribed way. Team leaders submitting entries for their club(s) should have individual consents in accordance with BC's guidance & Tool Kit on GDPR. LCC will only hold this data until it is passed, in HRM result files, to the RMA and race records officer. At this point LCC will delete the Race Entry data. The Race Result data showing Name, Club, Finish Time, Placing and Division (with promotion/demotion indicated) may be published and held on LCC’s website and/or blog and social media sites until the Race Result data has been published by MRC, then LCC will delete the Race Result data held and will provide links to MRCs website from the Club's website and/or blog and social media sites.

RMAs and the race records officer will hold the data until the end of the season for calculation of Hasler final places in accordance with RMAs data protection policies, after this they should also delete it. Results will remain on the MRC website as a historical record of the event. Paddlers may request deletion of their historical data by contacting MRC in accordance with MRC's data protection policies.