Discover Award - age 12-16 Racing Kayak

x10 'Discover' Sessions for non-members and new members

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  • 180 British pounds

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So you've previously completed your 'Start Award', and you were inspired. Now's the time to Discover what more flat water racing can offer you : enjoyment, challenge, fitness. You're going to experience more about the boats skills and paddling efficiently, so you can begin to travel for further and faster. Over the 10 week course you'll learn about staying safe out on the water, where & when to paddle and how to be responsible and able to take care of yourself, others and your equipment. The cost *includes* use of a club kayak, paddles and personal floatation device (buoyancy aid) during the sessions. You'll have included British Canoeing Affiliated Membership which provides you with the necessary 3rd-party liability insurance and Thames River License for your time on the water. [*Important* this only covers you during the sessions - not for paddling at other times or in other craft). Each session (and there will be ten) will be about 90 minutes long, with up to 10 hours on the water overall. We'll be mindful of the weather and river conditions, so we'll always be adapting to the circumstances to ensure your safety and comfort. By the end of the course you'll just about be ready for entering your first races! We aim to have you armed with the necessary basic skills and control to be able to steer, start and stop and move the boat and be able to safely rescue yourself and your equipment in the event of a capsize. After the 'Discover Award' the next Course is our 'Racing Explore Award'

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