Longridge Canoe Club is based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1RE. We train on a beautiful stretch of the River Thames in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. We specialise in Canoes and Kayaks within the Marathon and Sprint disciplines.

We currently have over 100 members, and generally we have a reasonably even mix of males & female and a wide spectrum of ages from 7 to 70. A friendly, inclusive, atmosphere is at the core of our wishes.

We are a "not for profit" members club, and our aim is to keep costs down and provide access to the sport as widely as possible to the community.

If you're the competitive type then you won't be disappointed, we have members regularly on the podiums at local races, region races, National, European and World Championships. However, if its not all about winning for you, but more about the challenge, then we'll certainly be able to inspire you to reach those goals.

If you already like what you read then get in touch by emailing, or keep on reading below to discover more:


We'll reply as quickly as we can let you know when and how to find us: so you can get some more information, see us train and maybe have a go yourself!

This first thing you may notice about us is that we mainly paddle "long and thin" wobbly-looking boats. These are Marathon and Sprinting boats - as we specialise in these disciplines. There are K1/C1 (one person boats) K2/C2 (two person) or K4/C4 (you've guessed it, four person) each are designed as pure racing vessels. And you would be forgiven for initially thinking that we simply want to go as fast as possible in a straight line, to some extent we do, but there are however more complicated tactics being played out, skills that you will learn and love.

We are lucky to have an uninterrupted length of river from our 'home', below Marlow Lock down to Cookham Lock: which provides in excess of 7 miles as a round trip. The locks don't limit us though, as we'll also be seen 'portaging' the locks to travel further afield, perhaps the Henley or to Windsor (and back!).

That all comes with time, practice and fitness...this is a 'Sport' after all!

To start you off we have Club boats that beginners can borrow during Club sessions and our volunteer Coaches and members will be only to pleased to set you up and get you started. The first boats you will try won't be too "thin" and only mildly wobbly... but taking a little "dip" (capsize) once or twice is quite normal, so be prepared but don't be put off. You'll be in safe hands and kitted-out with the appropriate buoyancy aid, just in case!

Beginner and Trial sessions are often held on Saturday mornings, then as you improve and get faster then more sessions happen throughout the rest of the weekday evenings and throughout the year. Some choose to be "warm weather" paddlers, for others even ice and snow won't necessarily stop us. Daylight is also not essential, once you have the right level of experience and training then night-paddles add a new dimension. Safety is of course paramount, so a few times a year when the Thames is on flood warnings we might just head off to some alternative locations.

Once you can balance a boat and have learnt to travel forwards, then the hard work starts. We train for races that are mainly 200m, 500m, 1000m and 5000m in the Sprinting category and for Marathon we take on the 4 miles, 8 miles, 12 miles courses, although in the winter there are even longer endurance races: upwards from 12 miles, to the 'ultimate' 125 mile race of the Devizes to Westminster.

We hold our own marathon class race from the Club in August each year, and most other weekends there will be chances for you to race against other clubs and on other rivers across the region or further afield should you wish.

The sport is fairly unique, in that races are mostly based on ability, not age or gender. So whether you are young, old, male or female, forget any preconception that one 'demographic' will be better or faster than another, because you'd be foolish to try and predict who will be a winner based on those criteria alone!

We hope you like what we offer and we'd love to discuss further with you. Don't forget to get in touch via info@longridgecanoeclub.org.uk

Of course Canoe/Kayaking is a diverse sport with "white water", playboats, stuntboats, slalom, polo, touring, recreational and others...so if our Marathon and Sprint is not for you then we can always point you in the direction of other types of boats.

NB Longridge Canoe Club shares a site with the Longridge Activity Centre, but we otherwise operate independently. Longridge Activity Centre offers a broader range of Canoe/Kayak course and a host of other water sports & activities.