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Longridge Canoe Club - Hasler 2021 Cancelled

Unfortunately we need to announce that our Hasler Race 2021, that was due to be held on 8th August, will NOT GO AHEAD this year.

With Covid restrictions only just lifted this week, and given that we've not seen the back of the situation yet, the Club & the Activity Centre do not have the means nor person-power to organise the event to be ready in 3 weeks time.

After careful consideration, we do not feel that if we held the event this year it would meet the standards of organisation, fun and safety that we would like it to achieve; nor would we be able to offer range or qulaity of facilities that racers need and expect.

Thankfully this cancellation will not impact on the Hasler points scoring for any clubs, as it would have fallen within the 2020/21 calendar where points are not being awarded at any races anyway.

We shall look forward to the 2021/2022 National Hasler season starting again from September and hope that 'LON' can bounce back with an even bigger and better event than we have done before. We will announce our next race dates when this has been arranged in the Marathon Racing Committee's national calendar.
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