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The main event is our 'Hasler' Race.  It provides a great day out for racers from across the region, and others visiting from across the UK.



When possible we will host a local sprint event.


We have our regular Timetrials.  The standard course is 5km, paddlers are set-off and regular intervals, fastest last, the aim is to finish first. This can be won by the slowest or the fastest or anyone in between. 


Hasler Races

We are part of the Southern Region Hasler Races governed by the British Canoeing Marathon Committee.


We normally host our race in Marlow during August, but will visit Henley, Pangbourne, Banbury, Basingstoke, Wokingham, Reading, Oxford and Southampton for a series of races.


Course distances are set by ability, over 4 miles, 8 miles, or 12 miles.


Members collect points for their Club and the top Clubs in the country meet-up to race at the Hasler Finals. 

There is also the National Championships  where individuals can race to be champion of their age class.


Sprint Races

Fast and furious, official

Sprint distances are 200m, 500m and 1000m.  Head-to-head with lanes in straight lines.  How fast can you get from A-to-B. There are a few 5000m races too, taken around a circuit. 

National racing is mostly held at Nottingham, on the Holme Pierrepont Regatta Course. 

There are also local and regional races hosted by some clubs, where novice and new paddlers can get a great introduction to sprint racing.  Courses, distances and racing formats vary from event to event, depending on what suits the venue and type of water.


Winter Races

There are a few series of winter races on offer each year.  From 12 miles to 125 miles, you can be sure to find a challenge.


Winter races are a test of speed and endurance, while also battling the winter weather.  There is always the unpredictability of cold weather, high winds and river flow.

Don't think of it as just paddling either.  Most races have 'portaging' - when meeting an obstacle (such as a weir or lock) its a matter of getting out of the boat, carrying it around, and re-launching the other side.  Some will do this at a steady walk, but for a faster time it'll be as a run. 


We attend races throughout the year and can race throughout the UK.  Sprint, Hasler, Marathon or Ultra-marathon : Some specialise, others like the mix.  So whether it's 200m or 200km there's always something on offer to enter or train for.

Make sure you check the "Our Races" section below, for all the latest race information and up-dates about the events that we are hosting.

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